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Katie McKeighan


Where are you from? Mount Pleasant, MI

Number of years playing disc golf? 6

What are a few of your favorite discs? 

The MVP Wave is one of my favorite drivers because I can get it to go perfectly straight through tight lines, or put any amount of turn on it and watch it hold the whole way.


Another favorite is the MVP fission Photon. This disc is made to be lighter in its core allowing me to throw it quicker and farther for maximum distance. Axiom's Envy still holds the spot for my favorite approach disc. It always finishes with a slight fade and is trusted in wind conditions. It's always a smooth shot.

Favorite course:  One of my favorite courses has to be Deerfield Nature Park. It is the first course I learned how to play on, it is mostly wooded and very technical, it's aesthetically pleasing, and the Mount Pleasant Disc Golf Club takes care of these courses to no end! It's always clean, the pads are always clear(no matter the weather) and issues are addressed almost immediately. All around great courses.

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