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What is a Mitten Bag filled with?

We use a calculated mix of 100% natural clay stone and powder in our bags.  This means no messy residue on your hands! 

What kind of material do you use?

Our bags are made out of 100% premium cotton fabrics that are durable, breathable, and quick drying.

What do I do if my bag gets wet?

You can leave your bag out to dry and it should return back to it's normal state.  We recommend drying out on a flat surface, in the sun if possible.

Do your bags have a break in period?

With our mix of stone and powder your bag should be ready to use but get better with age.  To break in faster you can rub the bag in your hands to break down the stones faster.  

Do you do wholesale orders?

We do both custom and stock wholesale orders.  We have built relationships with many stores and tournament directors over the years, and love working with new clients!  We strive to communicate the best as possible, to give you exactly what you are looking for.  If you would like to start a new order please email us at

How do I get sponsored?

Due to the handmade nature of our product, we are very limited to the amount of sponsorships we can provide each year. We currently do not have any openings on our team.  We really do wish we could sponsor everyone, and are very thankful for your interest and support!

How long will it take to get my order?

Web orders ship out within 2-5 days from our shop.  Some of our bags are made to order, which is why it can take up to 5 days. 

Why the Mitten Shape?

Our signature mitten shape is designed to fit nicely in the palm of your hand while absorbing sweat or rain.  Our bag's hand-feel and comfortability is one of the many things that sets us apart from other bags!  The tab at the top also allows you to attach your Mitten Bag with a carabiner to your bag or cart.

Can you make me a custom shape?

The mitten shape is the best!  Why would you want anything else?  Either way, at this time we are not accepting requests for different shapes.

What is your return policy?

All of our bags are made with the best equipment and materials on the market.  We strive to create a quality product that will last.  If you are unhappy with your product we will refund or exchange your order.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our bags!  Custom orders are final sale.



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