Ian Hamilton


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Where are you from? Grand Rapids, MI

Number of years playing disc golf? 3.5

What are a few of your favorite discs? 

Star Destroyer - Great distance driver, reliable, feel good disc, and nothing feels better than putting all my power behind a Destroyer!!

TL3 - This is favorite and most fairway driver! I bag 2 always. The TL3 has amazing glide, feels good in the hand, and the smoothest flight. It doesn’t matter the angle I throw it; hyzer, straight, or anhyzer, they all work!

McPro Roc3 - Probably my most used disc in my bag. Any thing inside 340-350, I’m looking to throw this disc. I’ve really gotten confident with this disc over the last few years now!! If you don’t have one, get one!!

Favorite course:  Blue Gill Disc Golf Course & Riverside Park in GR. These courses are both my top 2 with many on the east side of the state. Michigan is filled with amazing courses, but these two provide many types of shots, distances, and challenges that force you to come back and get better. These course require you to play smart and consistent, and I love that play.

Lake Arvesta in South Haven, MI as well! This course will be an absolute destination course and has only been in the ground for a couple months! Has everything: Distance, open shots, tight/technical shots, water, elevation, and amazingly beautiful property close to the lake shore!