Ian Hamilton


Where are you from? Grand Rapids, MI

Number of years playing disc golf? 3.5

What are a few of your favorite discs? 

Mcpro Roc3 - Flight is smooth, very good feel in my hands, and I'm the most accurate with my shots with disc.

Metal Flake TB3 - Most reliable fairway driver I have, its fast, smooth, and consistent flight.

Star Mini Bot Destroyers - Max distance, forehand and back hand reliable, cool name ;)

Favorite course:  Blue Gill Disc Golf Course & Riverside Park in GR. These courses are both my top 2 with many on the east side of the state. Michigan is filled with amazing courses, but these two provide many types of shots, distances, and challenges that force you to come back and get better. These course require you to play smart and consistent, and I love that play.