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Nathan Cameron


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Where are you from? Oklahoma

What are a few of your favorite discs? 

Discraft ESP Vulture, it is imo. The best disc ever made, most discs in my bag are either mostly for backhand OR forehands. The vulture feels so perfect for me that I couldn't tell you if it's a more predominant backhand or forehand disc for me. I can throw it far and accurately, if I'm unsure of what to throw on anything past 300 ft I'm reaching for the vulture every time.

Discraft Z BuzzzSS, I had, like many other players been a huge buzzz fan, but I really only through the super beat in ones because I always wished it had a little bit less fade. I picked up a buzzzSS on a whim and immediately after the first throw I knew this is exactly what I wanted my buzzz's to be doing, and I have been throwing the SS nonstop. It's completely booted the buzz out of my bag, between the SS and the wasp it's just not something I need anymore.

Discraft Xsoft Zone, the zone is arguably the most popular approach disc ever made, particularly if you are a predominant forehand player like myself. The Xsoft Zone specifically is pure magic. It's one of those discs that only gets better the more beat up it is, it never really seems to get Flippy, just straighter but still has that reliable finish. And the grip provided by that X soft plastic not only feels amazing in my hands, it provides the best type of ground play for an approach shot in my opinion. If I need to put a disc under the basket at 150 ft or less, I'm probably reaching for my Xsoft Zone.

Favorite course:  Tye F. Cunningham in Edmond, OK. It's probably no surprise that my favorite course is also the course I learned to play at, I started playing at this course when I was in high school and it has such an amazing mix of wooded shots and wide open shots, both forehand and backhand holes, uphill and downhill, it can literally teach you every shot type you could ever wish to learn. It's flows perfectly, it's where I found my love for disc golf, and it's where I won my first tournament. It's so much more than a course for me.

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