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Will Goeringer


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Where are you from? Clarkston MI

Number of years playing disc golf? 7

What are a few of your favorite discs? 

Luna - I've tried out many different throwing putters, but the Luna feels the best in my hand and fits my throwing style the best. Vulture - the Vulture is probably my most used fairway driver, and is almost exclusively used in the 350-400' range. It's reliable flight keeps me confidently in the fairway. Tracker - I've had a 3.0+ Tracker in my bag for a few years now. This ridiculously overstable fairway driver has gotten me out of trouble more times than I can count. It's a scramble machine!

Favorite course:  Toboggan. It's a grip and rip course with a ton of elevation. It's something we don't have a ton of around here, so it's a great opportunity to let loose and crush some drives!

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